Founded in 1982, The Central Indiana Wilderness Club (CIWC) is a non-profit volunteer-run club organized for the purpose of providing affordable wilderness adventures.  Read more…

CIWC is developing a new web site. Some of the information here is still pertinent, but over the next several weeks we are transitioning everything to a new site. Membership processing and Events calendar and sign up is already active on the new site.

Please go to: https://ciwc.wildapricot.org

At some point we will revert back to our standard URL address: www.ciwclub.org

Upcoming Trips & Meetings

The calendar below will only contain dates for meetings and day events posted on our meetup site.  Either click on the event or go to: https://www.meetup.com/CIWCLUB-ORG/

All of our overnight events are posted on:  https://ciwc.wildapricot.org

To see more Trips & Meetings click here.

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