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    • 24 Aug 2018
    • 26 Aug 2018
    • Morgan Monroe State Forest, Martinsville, IN 46151

    Tecumseh Trail - Gourmet Edition - Part Two

    Morgan Monroe State Forest, Indiana

    August 24-26, 2018 

    Trip Leader: Leslie Green

    Type of Trip:   Backpacking 

    Cost: $50

    Cancellation Date and full payment: July 24, 2018

    Adults and High School Age Youth with experience

    Maximum number: 8

    Minimum number: 6

    Wilderness Level: 2 - Forest setting with EMS help likely being about an hour away           

    Difficulty: Moderate to Rugged - 10 miles per day

    Are you looking for a challenging backpacking trip contained within a weekend?  Do you love good meals on the trial?  Join up for the second of two parts of a through hike of the Tecumseh Trail, one of Indiana’s best long distance trails.  We will start at Indian Hill where we left off in June and hike through Brown County to the end of the trail.  We will overnight at the backcountry site on Indian Hill on Friday night.  On Saturday we will make our way across some of the prettiest parts of Brown County to end at Yellowwood State Forest where we will camp overnight in the campground.  Sunday will we tackle Scarce O’Fat ridge and the southbound hike to Crooked Creek near Lake Monroe.   Those who also hiked Part One of the hike will have completed the entire trail.

    Gourmet meals are an additional feature of this hike.  A barbeque chicken feast, cinnamon rolls & bacon and trail-baked deluxe brownies will be part of our menu.

    To complete the full trail, also sign up for the Tecumseh Trail Part One hike on June 29-July 1.   The fee covers camping fees, 2 gourmet campsite breakfasts, and 2 gourmet campsite dinners.  Participants will be responsible for trail lunches and snacks.


    • 08 Sep 2018
    • 09 Sep 2018
    • Charles Deam Wilderness, IN
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    Beginners Backpacking Trip

    Charles Deam Wilderness

    (South of Bloomington, IN)

    September 8-9, 2018 

    Trip Leaders: : Jill Whelan and Steve Johnson

    Type of Trip:   Backpacking; Hiking

    Contact:  ciwcinfo@gmail.com

    Cost: $25 (non Refundable) - Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast; Use of club gear - Bring lunch and snacks for the trail

    Adults Only

    Maximum number: 8

    Wilderness Level: 2 (EMS help may be over an hour away) – cell service spotty at best. 

    Difficulty: Beginner

    Learn and practice backpacking skills, enjoy an early September weekend in the Hoosier National Forest. 

    We will hike in on an easy, well-traveled trail; establish camp near the banks of Monroe Reservoir.  We will set-up our tents and explore this wonderful area.  Also learn the various water filtration options, how to build a fire, how to prepare a backcountry dinner and a breakfast the next morning.

    After breakfast, we will pack up, using leave no trace techniques and hike back to the trailhead.

    Dinner and breakfast are provided by trip leaders. Participants will bring their own lunch, snack and drink items. Gear lists and trip details, including carpooling options, will be emailed prior to the trip. Some club backpacks and tents may be available for loan on a first come, first served basis.

    Don’t have gear? CIWC has tents and backpacks you can borrow and we share some club-provided group gear, such as stoves and water filters. Dinner and breakfast are provided. Participants should bring their trail lunch and snacks.

    All trip participants will be expected to submit a medical form, sign a waiver and complete emergency information documents prior to participation.

    • 08 Sep 2018
    • 16 Sep 2018
    • Boundary Waters, Superior National Forest, MN

    Boundary Waters  2018

    Superior National Forest, MN

    September 8-16, 2018 

    Trip Leaders: Bob Hart and Janice Windes

    Type of Trip:   Paddling and Sightseeing

    Cost: $540

    Cancellation Date and full payment: July 8, 2018

    Adults Only

    Maximum number: 8

    Minimum number: 7

    Wilderness Level: 4; Very remote; EMS may be more than a half day away              

    Difficulty: Intermediate (participants must be cleared by a Trip Leader to be qualified for this extended canoe trip)

    A Boundary Waters canoe trip is the ultimate wilderness adventure experience! Located in Minnesota and bordered by Canada, the Boundary Waters has over a million acres of clear lakes and deep green pine forests, and is unlike any other wilderness area in the world. There are hundreds of lakes to explore along with many species of wildlife, birds, fish and wildflowers. Traveling by canoe will allow us to get deep into this remote and scenic area more quickly than on foot. While this area can be rugged the route selected by your trip leaders should prove to be an enjoyable experience even if this is your first Boundary Water experience.

    Who Should Participate in this Trip:

    This trip will be suited for those new to the Boundary Waters or those with canoe tripping experience. However you should have some backcountry camping experience. At times we will be two days or more from a road access. You will

    need to be a good physical shape in order to carry weight over portages and be able camp in remote places over the better part of a week. See prerequisites below. If you want to experience wilderness travel at its best you’ll want to go canoe camping in the Boundary Waters. If needed, Introduction to Canoe Camping (June 9-10) can be your qualifying event.


    • Introduction to Canoe Camping or similar experience (check with leaders)
    • Ability to Carry 40-45 lb. Packs and Canoes Over Portages
    • A pre-trip meeting may be necessary to go over gear needs, packing requirements and trip logistics in general.

    Trip Content:

    Departure will be on Saturday morning, September 8, 2018. We will drive the club van all the way to Ely, MN in one day and stay at the outfitter the first night. We will spend about 6 days and 5 nights in the Superior National Forest canoeing and camping. Portages will be “2-pass” and participants should expect to carry packs and boats weighing in the 40-45 pound range. The average portage length in the Boundary Waters is about ¼ of a mile but anticipate the longest could approach one mile. Emphasis will be on exploring, scenery and camp life. Either upon arriving or after exiting, we will tour the town of Ely. And we may be able to stop at the Duluth Pack store in Duluth, MN. We’ll stay in a motel en route home. The planned return home date is flexible but either Saturday, September 15 or Sunday September 16.

    Trip Price Includes:

    Your trip price will include outfitter fees, bunkhouse, equipment rental, access permits, club van transportation expenses, the use of club gear, breakfast and dinner meals in camp, plus hotel accommodations on the way home.

    Trip Gear:

    At a minimum you should expect to bring a tent (the club may have a few to loan), sleeping bag and sleeping pad, a meal kit (plate / bowl / cup / utensils), spare clothes, rain gear and toiletries / meds. A whistle is a great safety items to have. Bring sun and bug protection including a wide brim hat. Also bring a headlamp or flashlight. A more detailed gear list to be announced.

    Trip Food:

    Bring your own lunches and snacks. Breakfasts and Dinners on the water will be group meals prepared together. If anyone has allergies or special needs just let the leaders know, we’ll try to make adjustments, if possible. While traveling to Ely, MN and returning home there will be meals on the road that will be the responsibility of each individual and are not included in the trip.


    • 14 Sep 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • 16 Sep 2018
    • Red River Gorge, Kentucky

    Red River Gorge Backpacking Trip, Kentucky

    September 14-16, 2018 

    Trip Leaders: Sharon Williams and Jill Whelan

    Type of Trip:   Backpacking

    Cost: $105

    Cancellation Date and full payment: August 10, 2018

    Adults Only

    Maximum number: 8

    Minimum number: 7

    Wilderness Level: 4              

    Difficulty: Intermediate - elevation changes nd distances

      This 3 day trip to Red River Gorge is an intermediate backpacking trip.  Campsites are first come first serve so we will plan to leave Indianapolis about 9am on Friday, September 14, from a carpool location TBD based upon participants who sign up.

      The plan is to hike the Hidden Arches and Koomer Ridge trails to a back country primitive camp site (approx. 4-5 miles) located on the Rough Trail near Chimney Top Road.  This will be on Friday once we arrive at the park.  If time allows after setting up our camp, we can hike to Angel Windows to check out the view (approximately 4 miles or less round trip) before dinner.  The level of difficulty is a 5 out 5 but the scenery is also a 5 out of 5.  The highest elevation is at 1275 ft while the lowest elevation will be about 736 ft.

      Saturday morning, we will pack up early and be out of the campsite by 10am and hike back to the van to then head to the parking area to hike the Auxier Ridge trail and setup camp for Saturday night.  We will then backpack to the campsites on the ridge to set up camp (approximately 3 miles one way).  Once we have setup camp, we can hike along the ridge to Courthouse Rock and back to prepare dinner and relax for the evening.  We will backpack to a campsite on fairly level ground but once we set up camp, we can hike to Courthouse Rock also on fairly level ground by staying on the ridge or we can hike the loop with elevation changes of approximately 1,000 ft.

      Sunday morning we will pack up and hike back to the van (again, this is pretty level) and head to Miguel’s for pizza before heading home.  We should be able to arrive back in Indy by 7pm.  Sooner depending upon when we pack up and head back to the van Sunday morning and after lunch.

      The trip fee includes transportation in the club van, 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners on the trail and other fees. Meals in route and post hike at Miquel’s are at participant’s expense.

      • 19 Sep 2018
      • 22 Sep 2018
      • North Country-Manistee River Trail, MI
      Registration is closed

      North Country/Manistee River Trail Backpacking

      with 1/2 Day Kayaking - Michigan 

      September 19-22, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: Steve Kinch and Janice Windes

      Type of Trip:   Backpacking and Kayaking

      Cost: $160

      Cancellation Date and full payment: August 19, 2018

      Adults Only

      Maximum number: 8

      Minimum number: 7

      Wilderness Level: 3 - more than 2 hrs away from emergency response              

      Difficulty: Moderate - 8-11 mile maximum

      Come join us on this 4-day kayaking/backpack trip in the Manistee National Forest of Lower Michigan.  We will meet at 6:00 am and drive the club van to Pine River Paddlesports Center, Wellston, MI where we will start our adventure.  We will rent kayaks for a 4-5-hour float adventure from Hoydenpyle Dam to Red Bridge takeout on the Manistee River.  We will float the same section of the river that we will hike around the next 2 days.  We can explore some of the campsites we may utilize as we float by at a leisurely pace.  We will be transported back to camp at Paddlesports campground for the first night of our trip.  We will go into Baldwin Michigan for some pizza and entertainment.

      The next morning, after breakfast, we will load the van and make our way to the North Country Trail and hike this day for 7-11 miles to find our 2nd nights camp.  The hiking will primarily be through a dense hardwood forest with a few short hills.

      The 3rd day will be the jewel of the trip.  The views from the trail will overlook the river we just paddled a few days prior.  We will have stunning vistas of the river and the forested west shore. We will cross a wooden replica of the mighty Mackinaw Bridge and continue hiking the east side of Manistee River. We will cover 8-10 miles on the 3rd day.

      The 4th day we will hike back to the van for the ride to Indianapolis.  We might cover 3-6 miles.

      The club will provide 2 dinners.  Each hiker should be prepared to carry some extra weight as we divide up the group food and equipment. Hikers are responsible for all meals in transit, and his/her breakfast each day as well as snacks and lunches on the trail.


      • 30 Sep 2018
      • 06 Oct 2018
      • Sylvania Wilderness, Porcupine Mountains State Park, Upper Penisula, MI

      Sylvania Wilderness Canoeing and Porcupine Mountains State Park Sightseeing, Upper Peninsula, MI

      Sunday, September 30 - Saturday, October 6, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: Elden Hartman and Roger Coulter

      Type of Trip:   Backpacking , Paddling and Sightseeing

      Cost: $385

      Cancellation Date and full payment: July 15, 2018

      Adults and Teenagers, 14 or older with experience

      Maximum number: 8

      Minimum number: 7

      Wilderness Level: 2               

      Difficulty: Beginner to Moderate Level

      • Hiking:
        • 18 miles total possible (mostly optional) / 7 miles daily max (mostly optional) 
        • Elevation Gain / Loss: Easy Trails in Sylvania Wilderness Moderate and Rugged Trails in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
        • Moderate and Rugged Trails in Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Easy Trails in Sylvania Wilderness
      • Canoeing:
        • 12 miles total possible (4 miles mandatory)8 miles daily max (optional)
        • wearing PDF required when leader directs.
        • Warm (above 65 degrees) calm waters – very little wind.
        • Cool waters / slightly windy, waves up to one foot: Yes
        • Challenges from wind & waves Possible
        • Portages: Longest portage on the optional loop paddle trips would be .5 (1/2) mile. Most are .1 to .2 (one to two-tenths) of mile. Terrain on the portages is easy with very little elevation change.  

      We will leave early on Sunday and drive approximately 10 hours to the 60,000 acre Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park near Ontonagon, MI, bordering Lake Superior. We will spend three nights in an 8 bed (4 bunk beds) log cabin, without electricity or water, but with a wood stove and outhouse, about a mile hike from the road-side parking area. During our two full days at Porcupine Mountains, we will do some optional hiking of trails ranging from 2 to 8 miles in length, rated moderate to rugged. The scenery from the trails in the park is astounding.  On Wednesday morning, we will drive about 60 miles to the 18,000 acre Sylvania Wilderness near Watersmeet, MI. Sylvania Wilderness is part of Ottawa National Forest and features beautiful and pristine old growth forests, 34 lakes and 25 miles of hiking trails and portage trails.  After arriving, and getting our canoeing gear, we will paddle about one-mile from the boat landing to our two adjacent campsites on Clark Lake. We will do some optional hikes or canoeing loops in our three days there, and enjoy a side trip one day to the WI Northwoods resort town of Eagle River, WI, and a nice restaurant meal that evening before heading back to our campsites. We will leave early Saturday morning after breaking camp, and paddling to the landing. All meals and snacks will be provided, except for meals on the road going to Porcupine Mountains (lunch) and coming home from Sylvania Wilderness (breakfast and lunch), and lunch and dinner the day we go to Eagle River, WI and back.  The night-time low temperatures could be in the 30s or 40’s, with day-time highs in the 50’s and 60’s. 

      • 13 Oct 2018
      • 20 Oct 2018
      • Roan Highlands, Appalachian Trail, TN/NC

      Appalachian Trail - Roan Highlands

      Tennessee/North Carolina

      October 13-20, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: Leslie Green and Daniel Harrell

      Type of Trip:   Backpacking 

      Cost: $300

      Cancellation Date and full payment: July 13, 2018

      Adults Only

      Maximum number: 8

      Minimum number: 7

      Wilderness Level: 3 - more than 2 hrs away from emergency response              

      Difficulty: Rugged - up to 10 miles per day with large elevation gain and loss

      This classic Appalachian Trail hike will be one to remember.  We start in trail town, Erwin Tennessee and snake along the Tennessee, North Carolina border for 50 miles. On the way we will:

      We are taking a relatively slow pace with distances of 7-10 miles per day so we can enjoy the views and the experiences along the trail. However, there will be significant elevation gains and losses throughout the hike, so good conditioning will be necessary.

      Price includes transportation in club van, hostel fees for three nights, 8 meals on the trail, shuttles and other supplies.  You’ll be responsible for meals on the road and at the hostels.  Practice hikes and a possible overnight conditioning trip will be planned by the group.

      • 19 Oct 2018
      • 21 Oct 2018
      • Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo, WI

      Wisconsin Dells/Devil's Lake WI

      Baraboo, WI

      October 19-21, 2018 

      Trip Leaders: Sam Sokolski and Lisa Forester

      Contact:  ciwcinfo@gmail.com

      Type of Trip: Hiking

      Cost: $200

      Cancellation Date and full payment: September 20, 2018

      Adults/High School Youth

      Maximum number: 10

      Minimum number: 9

      Wilderness Level: 1 (State Parks w/EMS less than 1 hour)          

      Difficulty: Moderate Level (13 miles for 3 day total, 1 day maximum 5 miles, couple of hills)

      Friday Oct 19 we will depart in the am for a 6 hour ride to Christmas Mountain Village at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Halfway to our destination we will stop at Starved Rock Illinois to hike the bluffs, cliffs and waterfalls of this beautiful park situated along the Illinois River near Ottawa, IL. The highlights of this park will include several shallow stream crossings and encounters with multiple waterfalls. Plan on bringing your lunch, we will choose an ideal spot to relax and eat. We will then continue to our destination and stop for dinner prior to settling in for an evening of rest and relaxation in our resort condos. There we’ll share 2 modern condos that sleep a capacity of 12. We’ll have discussion on our plans for the following day.

      Saturday morning as a group we’ll share a hot breakfast before driving 12 miles to our jewel for the weekend. Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin was voted one of the Top 10 State Parks in the USA by USA Today Reader’s Poll. This unique topography was formed by the receding glaciers thousands of years ago. Some of the trails include a segment of the infamous “Ice Age Trail”. In addition to the unique beauty we have chosen a weekend near peak “leaf” viewing.  Although mostly flat, we will encounter two steep and rugged 500 foot climbs (and subsequent descents) to the bluff tops on this five- mile loop, which will offer spectacular views of the lake and surrounding areas. Although there is challenge on this hike, the pace will be relaxed so we have time to enjoy the scenery. Again, we choose a place to relax and have lunch during the hike. When we return to the condos we will share preparing and enjoying dinner as a group. Well have discussion on our plans for the following day.

      Sunday after breakfast we will pack-up and return to Indiana. If the group desires, there is a multitude of places to stop for a short hike on the way home. As a group we can make this decision considering the desired return time, the 6-hour drive, and the one -hour lost crossing time zones.

      Details and communications will follow to the participants of this trip.

      The cost of the trip includes transportation, 2 nights lodging, 1 dinner and 2 breakfasts.

      Your responsibilities include your personal lunch either in route or on the hikes all three days and dinner Friday evening in route to destination.

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