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Founded in 1982, The Central IndianaWilderness Club (CIWC) is a non-profitvolunteer-run club organized for the purpose ofproviding affordable wilderness adventures.Based in central Indiana, our activities includebackpacking, car camping, day hiking,bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, rafting andcross-country skiing.

Each year CIWC conducts trips ranging inlength from one to ten days to destinations asdiverse as southern Indiana, the GrandCanyon and the Smokey Mountains. We haveday events, overnight trips for beginners and extended trips for those with lots of outdoor experience and everything in between. On a CIWC trip you will have the opportunity to explore new places, learn new skills and meet new friends. Our overnight trips are small and friendly, averaging eight people per trip, organized by a CIWC member. Our membership includes members who vary widely in age, experience and ability.

We are a teaching club so we can allow you to learn atyour own pace. We have formal classes and workshopsand can loan gear (i.e. tents and backpacks) to help youon your first few trips. Membership fees are $35 per year for individuals and $50 for families.

Membership brings you the Trail Mix, ourquarterly newsletter which allows you to preview andsign-up for trips before they are posted on the website.Membership also enables you to get the latest informationabout new trips via email via email updates. Just click on“JOIN” on the main navigation bar and get ready to start anew adventure.

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