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  • Civil War on the Appalachian Trail, May 19-27, 2018

Civil War on the Appalachian Trail, May 19-27, 2018

  • 19 May 2018
  • 27 May 2018
  • Civil War on the Appalachian Trail, NC


Civil War on the Appalachian Trail

May 19-27, 2018 

Trip Leaders: John Bredenkamp and Don Nelson

Type of Trip:   Hiking, Sightseeing

Cost: $525

Cancellation Date and full payment: February 19, 2018

Adults Only

Maximum number: 10

Minimum number: 8

Wilderness Level: 2  Forest setting with EMS help likely  being about an hour away         

Difficulty: Moderate  

We will be doing various hikes on the Appalachian Trail and looking at the Civil War history along the trail. A walk through a piece of the history embedded in the Appalachian Trail corridor from Underground Railroad sites to the Union occupation of present-day Hot Springs.  From northwestern North Carolina, to the roads to Antietam and Gettysburg, we will look for skirmishes with Confederate guerrilla forces and all-out battles between North and South.

Two future presidents fought together in two of those battles. One of those Union officers was assassinated 39 years to the day after a pre-Antietam battle at Fox Gap in Maryland. Hundreds died on these lands, and hundreds more were wounded. 

In the decades before the war, the AT clearly was one path north toward freedom for escaped slaves and a route south toward their destiny at Harpers Ferry for John Brown’s band of 1859 revolutionaries. In the decades to follow the Civil War, some of those emancipated slaves took over the lands of their former owners and developed their own, free communities adjacent to what became the A.T. by 1937.   

We will travel along the trail, take in the historical sites and hike various segments of the trail that reveal these historic sites. Accommodations will include 2 or 3 hostel stays as well as camping/shelter nights.  The trip cost includes transportation in the van, hotel stays on first and last nights, hostel and camping fees, 6 breakfasts, and 6 dinners.


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