• Introduction to Canoe Camping, Chain O Lakes State Park, June 6-7, 2020

Introduction to Canoe Camping, Chain O Lakes State Park, June 6-7, 2020

  • 06 Jun 2020
  • 07 Jun 2020
  • Chain O Lakes State Park, 2355 E. 75 S. Albion, IN 46701


  • Deposit/Final/Full Trip Fee Payment is due at sign up.
  • Sneak preview registration is December 7th. Your name will be included on the list. If the number of participants registered exceeds the number allowed, there will be a lottery drawing to determine who is on the participant list and who is on the waitlist. The results of the drawing may not be available until December 17th.

    The $50 sneak preview payment will hold a spot (participant list or waitlist) until January 18, 2020 when the rest of the deposit is due
  • Wait List Payment is due at sign up. This registration DOES NOT QUARANTEE a place on the trip. You will be notified when space becomes available.


Introduction to Canoe Camping

Chain O' Lakes State Park

2355 E. 75 S. Albion, IN

June 6-7, 2020

Co-Trip Leaders: John Carlson and Bob Hart

Type of Trip: Canoeing/Camping

Trip Cost/Deposit: $57

Cancellation Date and full payment: May 8, 2020

Wilderness Level: 2 

Trip Difficulty: Easy, very little wind, waves up to 1 foot

Policy on Fitness Self-Assessment 

Level 1: Applies to trips in which we carry only day packs and stay on maintained trails. Hiking distances range from 3-6 mile, and elevation gain can be as much as 2000 feet. You should be comfortable hiking 3-6 miles in a day with considerable gain/loss on good trails.

Group Size: 10/07 Maximum/Minimum

Adults and High School (with leader approval)

This activity is designed for those who wish to learn about and prepare themselves for extended canoe camping trips out of state.  This can be a qualifier for an extended canoe camping trip.  Canoe camping is one of the best ways to experience the wilderness area as it gives you a lot of flexibility.  For this introductory event we have picked a slightly remote setting on the water but our campsite will definitely be away from our cars.  Safety will be stressed.  Participants must be able to enter and exit a canoe by crawling over packs and be prepared to swim if the canoe would swamp. 

You will learn basic canoe strokes and safety considerations plus how to lift, carry and portage a canoe.  We will demonstrate rescue scenarios in case of an open water swamp.  You will have plenty of time to practice what you have learned.  Our canoe camp will cover setting up of tents and tarps as well as how to safely secure food away from animals.  You will also learn that canoe campers eat very well – leaders will plan both dinner and breakfast meals.  Participants will be responsible for their own lunches and snacks.  More information including what gear to bring will be provided in advance of the trip.  This will be a carpool trip. 

Questions may be submitted to ciwcinfo@gmail.com.

All trip participants must fill out and submit a CIWC Medical Form  and Long Waiver Form.  

Effective on all trips, there will be a $50 non refundable registration fee. This fee will be assessed to those who sign up for a trip, get on the roster and then later cancel. Even cancelling before the cancel date. Those who never make the active roster (i.e. those who stay on the waitlist) will NOT be charged the $50 cancellation fee. 

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