• Knobstone Trail-Leota to Deam Lake, Scottsburg, IN, October 23-25, 2020

Knobstone Trail-Leota to Deam Lake, Scottsburg, IN, October 23-25, 2020

  • 23 Oct 2020
  • 25 Oct 2020
  • Leota Trailhead, Scottburg, IN


  • Wait List Payment is due at sign up. This registration DOES NOT QUARANTEE a place on the trip. You will be notified when space becomes available.


Knobstone Trail

Leota to Deam Lake (SOBO) or Deam Lake to Leota (NOBO)

Scottsburg, IN

Rescheduled to

October 23 - 25, 2020

Co-Trip Leaders: South Bound (SOBO)/North Bound )NOBO)

SOBO: Nanette Eshelman and Will Eshelman

NOBO: Janice Windes and Wendy Brinson

Type of Trip: Backpacking

Trip Cost/Deposit: $40/$40, Full payment due at sign up.

Wilderness Level: 3 

Trip Difficulty: Rugged. Up to 1500 feet elevation gain per day. Twenty five miles with average of 8 miles per day

Policy on Fitness Self-Assessment 

Level 3: Applies to backpacking trips in which we hike with 25-35 pound backpacks. In one day, we can hike up to 7 miles and 3000 feet of elevation gain on maintained trails, or up to 5 miles and 2000 feet of elevation gain on more rugged trails. For a Level 3 trip you should be comfortable hiking 6-8 miles in a day in hilly or mountainous terrain with a 25-pound backpack.

Group Size: 16/14 Maximum/Minimum

Adults Only

Note: Due to popular demand, we have expanded this trip from our original plan and will now have two groups of hikers that will hike from opposite ends of the section and cross in the middle. This will allow us to include an additional eight hikers. Each group will have trip leaders, who will coordinate the activities of the group.

The Knobstone Trail gets its rugged character and name from the ridge of bluffs and knobs (hills) known as the Knobstone Escarpment.  Last year we hiked 3 of the northern sections of the trail for about 20 miles. This year we will complete the remaining 25 miles from the Leota Trailhead to Deam Lake.

 This 3-day trip to the Knobstone Trail is an intermediate backpacking trip.  Previous backpacking experience is required.  While a moderate terrain, the trails of the Knobstone are quite strenuous.  You should be comfortable backpacking with 25-35 lb. backpacks an average of 8 miles a day.  (This is an average, we may high as much as 10). We will also have elevation each day of up to 1300 feet.  We will have a shakedown hike on March 8th in Brown County State Park and those signing up for this trip should plan to attend the shakedown.     

The plan is to meet at the Leota Trailhead and start our trip early on Friday.  Water may need to be cached beforehand depending on the water situation.  The leaders will access this situation to ensure we have adequate water. We will navigate the many hills and hollers of the Knobstone Trail over the three days ending up at the Deam Lake Trailhead Sunday afternoon.  We will then shuttle back to Leota to get our cars. 

The trip fee includes 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners on the trail and use of club equipment. Bring your own lunch, snacks, and plenty of water. The leaders will communicate more details as the trip approaches. 

If we stop to eat after the trip the meal would be at the participant’s expense.  More details will be provided prior to the trip.  A shake-down (practice) hike is planned for March 8th.

Questions may be submitted to ciwcinfo@gmail.com.

All trip participants must fill out and submit a CIWC Medical Form  and Long Waiver Form.  

Effective on all trips, there will be a $50 non refundable registration fee. This fee will be assessed to those who sign up for a trip, get on the roster and then later cancel. Even cancelling before the cancel date. Those who never make the active roster (i.e. those who stay on the waitlist) will NOT be charged the $50 cancellation fee. 

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