Signing up for a trip

The club owns a 12-passenger van for travel to many of our trip destinations. The club provides cooking gear, water purifiers and tents. A trip leader plans and makes arrangements for the trip. Trip participants are expected to help with chores such as setting up camp, cooking and cleaning up. Driving the van is done by the trip leader, co-leader and/or trip participants.

Carefully determine what trip is right for you. Please understand that many club trips require good physical and mental conditioning. Please do not sign up for more than you are capable of performing as this could pose a risk not only to yourself but also to other group members going on these kinds of trips. Trips are rated as “beginning,” “intermediate” or “advanced.” Feel free to discuss a specific trip with the trip leader. Also be sure to alert the trip leader of any medical condition that may affect your safety or the safety of others. See “Prepare For Your Trip” below.

Send payment in the form of a check or money order to:

Central Indiana Wilderness Club
P.O. Box 781494
Indianapolis, IN 46278-1494

Please write on the check which trip the check is for and include your email address and phone number. Some trips are to be paid in full. Others only require a deposit to sign up. The balance of the trip fee is due by the cancellation date. If not paid in full by the cancellation date, the club reserves the right to give your spot to the first one on the wait list that has paid in full.

Most trips are limited to small groups that can fit with all the gear in the club van. Popular destinations fill up early so don’t wait to sign up. The trip coordinator maintains a stand-by list of alternates after trips fill up in case someone ops out prior to departure. The trip coordinator accepts sign ups in the order of the mail postmark cancellation dates. To be “signed up” for a trip, CIWC must have payment in hand. The trip coordinator cannot hold a spot for you without payment.

You don’t have to be a member to go on a trip. Try out the club before you join! Non members pay a slightly higher fee, just $10 more for overnight trips.

The trip coordinator will contact you when CIWC receives your check. Feel free to contact the trip coordinator if you need to confirm that you are on a trip or on the waiting list. Contact the Trip Coordinator if you need to cancel:

If you cancel within a few days of the trip you should also contact the Trip Leader. If you cancel please do so prior to the cancellation date of the trip to insure that you will receive a full refund. Cancellation after the cancellation date may result in loss of all or part of your deposit depending on the status of any lodging or outfitter fees involved.

For more information see our Trip Policy.

Prepare For Your Trip

Acquire any needed training. If you have been to a beginning class or on a beginning trip, you probably have much of the foundation you need. Trips that fall outside of a normal beginning trip usually involve paddling. Talk to your trip leader about what you can do and what you may need to work on to be ready. Training sessions may be available.

Condition yourself as needed for the required level of endurance. Trip leaders may schedule training hikes, day paddling trips and/or orientation sessions to help you prepare and be ready for your specific trip.

Please complete this medical form and have it with you at all times on your trip. If there is an emergency, this form will give your trip leader and medical provider some necessary information.

Medical Information and Emergency Contact Form

Get the right gear for the specific trip. If you are going on a backpacking trip, review our Backpacking Checklist of Equipment (a Word document).

Consult your trip leader for suggestions geared to your specific trip. For all trips, it is recommended that you take along a personal safety kit. Items you might want to consider putting into your kit include:

Elastic ankle wrap Waterproof first-aid tape
Tweezers Pain reliever (Asprin, Tylenol)
Scissors (small ones) Anti-inflammatory (Ibuprofin)
Alcohol Prep Pads Decongestant medication for colds & flu
Povidone-iodine wound cleaner Benedryl
Neosporine/Triple antibiotic ointment Hand Sanitizer (small bottle)
Moleskin Sting-Eze
Standard band-aids Chemical Cold pack
Butterfly band-aids Small package powdered Gatorade
4×4 gauze pads Personal medications

Communicate the trip itinerary to your family or friends at home. The trip leader will communicate to you information about the rendezvous point, the destination and the likely spots you will be at each day. Phone numbers of emergency contacts will be included. Leave a copy of this at home.

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