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Thanks for your interest in leading a CIWC trip! You pick the destination, activity and date, and as a trip leader you go on the trip you lead free of charge. Co-lead a trip with another CIWC member and go for half price. Each spring the club offers a free trip leader training class, which is available to anyone who might be interested in leading a trip. A Trip Chair is available to answer any questions you might have along the way.

See Trip Planning for information on planning and leading a CIWC trip. Also, see the following:

Trip Safety

CIWC wants everyone to have a fun, safe time. Make safety a priority on your trip. Develop a safety plan. Each trip, whether it be backpacking, paddling, or bicycling involves different risks. Consider the risks your trip involves, and develop a plan to lessen those risks. For example, participants on a backpacking trip should be encouraged to take a personal first aid kit. Also, if you are backpacking into a remote area, it would be a good idea to find out whether cell phones are likely to work.

In October of 2011 CIWC member, Corporal Bill Beville, gave an excellent presentation on basic survival principles and trip safety to our group. Bill Beville has been a Conservation Officer with the Indiana department of Natural Resources since 1985. He is also an Assistant District Commander for District 9.
New: See the slides of this wonderful presentation as a .pdf file: Survival: A State of Mind. The survival/safety topics he spoke about are relevant to anyone spending time in the wilderness.

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