Saddle and Paddle

Participants including leaders: 4

Horseback riding at Salt Creek Ranch is some of the best I’ve experienced so far in Indiana. The Ranch has over 100 horses and owner Ronnie Adkins takes great care in matching the skill level of riders to horses. We started our two day trip with a one hour ride on Saturday morning after a short one hour drive from Indianapolis. Once saddled and properly mounted up, we rode up and down the hills and valleys of rural Laurel (near Metamora) on the 600 acres owned by the Ranch.

After a quick lunch, the next phase of the adventure was a four hour paddle down the Whitewater River. We arrived at peak time on a hot, sunny afternoon. The river outfitters were busy matching up people and boats and just about everything that could float was going in the water. We were outfitted with two Old Town canoes and headed down the river. With a two month draught in process, the river was surprisingly floatable except in a few spots where we had to get out and drag the canoes. Here and there were deep pools sporting some large fish and a few easy rapids.

The next morning was our scheduled two hour ride. After a tasty breakfast provided by the ranch, we mounted again and trotted off into the woods. The horses were fresh from an evening’s rest and ready for several canters through the woods. At one point we gained quite a view of the countryside after a long climb and then rode through a beautiful hay meadow. We all agreed we would definitely return to Salt Creek Ranch for another visit and a ride through the woods.

Many thanks to Mary Ellen for writing our trip report and Kathy for taking so many great pictures! More Saddle and Paddle trip photos will be posted on the CIWC meetup page as time permits. If you missed the trip and want more information about our outfitters, go to

Paddle and Saddle